Kunda·ism: {/Khun·Dah·Is·Sim/}
Mantra. Lifestyle. Philosophy. Action.
Worshipping ritual for lovers of Kunda. Loyal practitioners of eating Kunda. The super natural pleasures derived from educated eating. Kundaism is an experience, the stimulation of mind and body, a state of wellbeing achieved from the appreciation of Kunda. This culinary focus into 'finger licking pleasures' stems from the popular belief system established and practiced daily by the founders of Kunda Cafe franchise. Food for a good time since 2011.

What is Kundaism? Is it a religion?
Kundaism is an internationally adaptable lifestyle, a meditation or mantra, and dietary philosophy. Currently the physical temple of worship is located in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. Their most popular location to date Kunda Vegan Vegetarian Cafe is 'Open to Public' since 2018 and consistently remains the #1 restaurant and cafe in the province. The act of Kundaism may be practiced in any location.

Is Kunda and Kundaism expanding?
Recently receiving global attention as the world’s best NON SOY BASED 'Vegan Burger', and currently the 'Fastest spreading unorganized-religion' of 2020,. Yes, Kunda is expanding in many ways. Sudden international interest in Kundaism during the Covid-10 lockdown has made Kunda world famous. The access to the ultimate state of wellbeing has never tasted this good.

What does Kunda taste like?
The authentic and ultimate taste of Kunda is ONLY achieved via a full spectrum plant-based culinary diet. Kundaism has become a way of life for many. Kunda is a lifestyle dedicated to super natural pleasures.

Kunda·s: {/Khun·Dah·s/} International disciples of Kundaism are achieving daily self enlightenment through the skillful art of Kunda appreciation.

Kunda·gasm: {/Khun·Dah·Ga·Sim/}
Event. Action. Movement. Emotion. Expression. Addictive.
Guilt free orgasm achieving instant happiness through practicing Kunda-ism. Often a shared experience. Induced through repetitive action of rhythmic stimulation.

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